Jan Toorop - Religieus ontwerp voor architect Kropholler
  • Jan Toorop - Religieus ontwerp voor architect Kropholler
  • Jan Toorop - Religieus ontwerp voor architect Kropholler
  • Jan Toorop - Religieus ontwerp voor architect Kropholler

Jan Toorop - Religieus ontwerp voor architect Kropholler

€ 2.650,00

Originele tekening als schets-ontwerp voor kerk-architect Kropholler, met een persoonlijke notitie van Jan Toorop.
Afmetingen 9 x 14 centimeter
(alle rechten voorbehouden bij de oorspronkelijke eigenaar)

Deze tekst is overgenomen van de aanbieder, Ritch-Art, zoals ter veiling aangeboden:

Jan Toorop (1858 - 1928) - Religious design for architect Kropholler
Black with coloured pastel drawing - Signed

A very special (loose leaf) work by the artist Jan Toorop (1858-1928) with a religious depiction.

This nice pastel drawing (black and colour) was auctioned at Sotheby’s in the past. The auction stickers are still on the back of the frame.

What makes it special is the message that Toorop placed on the work. It says 'Maandag avond versturen naar Kropholler. Harstenhoekweg Scheveningen.' This dedication was probably done as asked as the work has folds of letter size. The addressed, Alexander Kropholler, was an important and renowned architect. Amongst others, he designed a number of churches in which this Toorop design might have been used. Extra special is that Alexander Kropholler was a very good friend of Jan Toorop and also designed his grave.

The depiction holds many elements that Toorop was famous for, amongst others, symbolism and religion. On the side of the depiction are two angels and centrally positioned is a monk with a tondo around his head. The sun is visible between the angels and the monk. The depiction has a mystical radiance, keeping the work interesting to look at.

This special drawing is loose leaf and has, as already mentioned, weak folds that are accentuated though by the tape (see photos). Thanks to the passe-partout, only the depiction, signature and title are readable. The viewable part of the depiction is 9 x 14 cm. The wooden/gold-like frame is in good condition and highlights the depiction optimally. The frame dimensions are 26 x 32.5 cm. The reverse of the frame has been opened, so the verso of the drawing is also visible.

This work is museum-worthy by itself, though the link with Alexander Kropholler makes it extra special. A lot of the work of Toorop is owned by museums. According to the Gemeente Museum Den Haag, Jan Toorop together with Van Gogh and Mondriaan are among the most important artists from around 1900.

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